KimSIGHTS Archive 2021


This is the first of many short musings and insights (Do you get it?…KimSIGHTS) about life, relationships, and healing that I hope you will find useful. 

Today I’d like to start with the beginning of relationships.  When one meets another potential mate, or even a friend, there is an exciting time of discovery.  When two people discover they have similar values, they are attracted to one another. 

Next week I’ll talk more about values.


What are your values?  Look at where you spend your time.  Is it cooking, exercising, working, fixing up the house, waxing the car?  You will spend time doing things you value.  You will spend money to have things you value.  When you look at your life, you will create more of what you value.  You may want to lose weight, but are you doing simple things you know would help, committing time to take care of yourself, and educating yourself about the topic?  If not, you may consider that you may not value it. 

Next week we will go into choosing our values.


Our lives reflect the values we have chosen.  So we can just choose differently.  This requires some examination of our wants and needs.  (We will go into needs more at a later time.)  Take out a piece of paper and brainstorm all you want out of life.  For example, security, money, a nice car, friendships, romance, career, and health. 

Next time, we will categorize and rank them and go from there.


Now that you have your list of values, put them in the following categories:  Security; Love and Connection; Significance; Variety and Fun; Growth; and Contribution.  (These are the 6 Human Needs according to Tony Robbins, once basic needs are met.)  Now rank items within each category, #1 through whatever number, and circle your most important item – your #1 – within each category. 

Tune in next time to find out what this means to you.


Your lists contain very valuable information.  Look at your #1 answer in each category – the ones you circled – and now rank each category in importance to you, 1 through 6.  Look at the top 2 and remember that these are your top 2 Human Needs.  Everything you think and do is colored by these drives to fulfill these needs.  Note that others also have their top 2 needs that they are trying to meet.  Understanding other people becomes a bit easier and relating to them more successful. 

Next week we’ll talk about how to better meet our top Human Needs.


We make choices all day long.  There are many ways to think and do things.  If you are unhappy, most likely your top needs are not being met somewhere in your life.  Fulfilling a need in at least one area of life – for example, your career may fill your need for significance, even if your home life does not –  may be sufficient.  If your need for significance is never met, you will have to shift things, even if just in the way you perceive them, to meet your needs.  When you know your top 2 Human Needs and the top needs of those around you, you can make choices that are more satisfying. 

Tune in next week for more talk about our choices.


As we grow up, we make many conclusions about life before we even reach seven years old.  Scientists have shown that our first 6-7 years of life, we are in a theta brainwave – similar to the hypnotic alpha state, though deeper – where our subconscious, the memory storage and body regulation center of the body, lets everything in – all ideas are considered truth that are offered to us in our homes, day cares, churches, and schools.  If everything is hunky-dory in your little world, all is well and you may escape too much damaging input.  However many of us have been abused in all sorts of ways by the time we leave home.  We may have to sort out – what is truth or not?  We have to choose what we are going to believe.  One of the biggest effects I see in my life is not feeling worthy, good enough, or deserving of success. 

Next week I’ll talk about how I created these erroneous beliefs, then later how I overcame them.

#8 My Story – Part 1 of 7  

Today I start my 7-part series on how my fears and limiting beliefs held me back in my life and how I overcame them. 

Growing up the youngest of 3, I didn’t get a conscious glimpse into my mother’s thinking about child-rearing until I praised my toddler and my mom said, “You don’t want to create a narcissist.”

That has stuck in my head for decades, and looking back, I see that she did not praise me.  This and other events growing up left me with an overall feeling of worthlessness, not being good enough, and not deserving to be heard.

To this emotional backdrop, add the time when I was 18 years old and was attacked by my ex-boyfriend, who in a fit of jealousy turned and stabbed my new boyfriend, causing him to bleed to death.  After testifying against my ex in court, I lived in fear that he would want retaliation.  (He got 15 to life for 2nd degree murder.)

As a result, I kept myself small over the years, ever-mindful that a potential danger may lurk around any corner.  This constant fear was stressful and took a toll on my physical health.

To be continued…

#9 My Story – Part 2 of 7  

Jump in time to 2014.  My eyes were opened when I was not healing as expected by my nutrition doctor.  He introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is commonly called Tapping because you use your fingers to “tap” on the acupressure points to help you release the root causes of your physical and emotional issues.  I now understood that my past was affecting my body’s ability to heal itself.

Tapping was instrumental in releasing the fear of my ex’s retaliation.  Removing this barrier to healing skyrocketed my physical well-being.

Realizing that I had control of my thoughts and emotions, I changed my perspective and chose to assign the best meaning for the past trauma.  After recognizing that the old way I was seeing many things was affecting my health and life in an unpleasant way, I realized that I made up the need to fear retaliation up until then.  It really was all in my head.

Grateful to finally break out of the bondage of fear, I became comfortable changing my Facebook profile picture from a butterfly to my face, and I launched  Turns out that this healing came just in time – about a year before I found out he got out of prison.  (He did 25+ years.)

To be continued…

#10 My Story – Part 3 of 7  

When Tapping came into my life, I wondered, “Why doesn’t everyone know about this?  Why isn’t it taught in school?” 

I wanted so much to share it, teach it, help others heal with it.  But, I didn’t feel ready, good enough, or knowledgeable enough.  I thought, “Why would anyone listen to me?”  I realized this showed that I still had more healing to do.

So I submerged myself into learning whatever I thought I could use to help myself and others heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  To my surprise along this journey, my spirituality increased, and my intuition blossomed.

To be continued…

#11 My Story – Part 4 of 7   

Emerging from hiding with a new outlook on life, I was excited to share Tapping and all the other healing modalities I had studied.  I helped a couple friends get over their issues – one had a chronic cough for the previous 3 months, and the other had a recurring stomach pain.  I did what I was led to do, and their issues disappeared.  Wonderful, right?  Yes, but they did not give me credit for helping them.  They believed that things just happened to resolve on their own after a session with me.

It was then that I realized that quantum physics and healing at the level of the energy systems of the body was not understood, accepted, or even believed possible by most people – yet. 

So that was a let down to my grand plans to heal the world.

To be continued…

#12 My Story – Part 5 of 7   

Not to be deterred by the lack of acceptance to Tapping and other healing modalities, I reinvented myself as a life coach and hypnotherapist because I really wanted to pursue methods to help others heal in ways they would be open to receive.

The problem came when I realized that this was me playing small again, hiding who I authentically was and what I wanted to do. 

This was me living in fear again, holding myself back because I feared being judged. 

This was me not trusting the path I was on.

To be continued…

#13 My Story – Part 6 of 7   

After realizing I was again in my old pattern of fear, and of staying hidden and safe, I had to make a choice.  Was I going to pretend I was just a life coach?  Or would I step out, be my authentic self, and declare to the world who I am?  I decided that in order to be happy and successful in attracting those I can help, I had to voice who I am.  And it is this:

I am an energy healer and intuitive guide.  I use many modalities including Tapping to clear the blocks to our body’s natural ability to heal itself.  I use my intuition to guide me, to give me insights into what are the true root causes, so I am not just dealing with symptoms.  Not everyone is open to this kind of stuff, but for those who are, I am here to serve. 

As I tell you this, I wonder how many reading this are searching for healing?  I know that hiding my light under a bushel does not serve anyone.  I must stand tall and shine my light so that, like a lighthouse planted solidly on a hill, others will find my beacon of light. 

To be continued…

#14 My Story – Part 7 of 7  

Today, I am happy to report that I finally feel that I am good enough, I am knowledgeable enough, and I am worthy of doing what I authentically want to do.  It has been a long road from feeling scared and useless, to knowing that I am safe and deserving to be taken seriously.  I am on my way from stuck to unstoppable!

Tapping and other methods have been a Godsend to awaken me to a whole world of alternative ways to healing emotionally, mentally, physically, and even spiritually.

I hope that sharing my message will attract those I am supposed to help directly.  And as for others, I hope to help them in a more passive way, including continuing to shine my light with my weekly KimSIGHTS. 

If you want to learn how to do Tapping for yourself, I offer a free ebook called Let Go and Be Free with Tapping for Beginners.  Just reply to this email with your request.  If I can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free chat.

Tune in next week for another KimSIGHT.

#15 Tapping for Beginners – Part 1 of 7 

Today I start a 7-part series about the Basics of Tapping with a brief history of this healing modality. 

Tapping was discovered in 1979 by Dr. Roger Callahan, a traditional psychologist studying alternative medicines, including the ancient Chinese knowledge of energy meridians.  Meridians are like invisible rivers of energy that run up and down our bodies carrying energy.  Emotional energy that has been pushed down and unprocessed can get stuck and distort the free flow of energy, like boulders in a stream.  You have two major meridians – Central and Governing, plus 10 pairs running along each side of the body.  The endpoints are close to the skin’s surface and serve as access points which are used in acupuncture and acupressure.

During his studies, Dr. Callahan was helping a woman get over her fear of water.  When she mentioned that she still felt nervous in her stomach, that triggered him to recall that the pair of Stomach Meridians had endpoints just below each eye.  As an inspiration, he had her tap her fingers under her eyes while she focused on her fear.  Within a few minutes, her fear was gone and never returned.  Tapping on the endpoints had sent energy through her meridians, and this cleared the disruption.

Dr. Callahan went on to discover which points on the face and body, and in which order, to tap on to clear many ailments.  Building on that, Gary Craig, who worked under the doctor, developed the much simpler standard Tapping routine, that when done repeatedly, will get the same result. 

Next week we’ll talk about what Tapping can do for you, and what it does not do.

#16 Tapping for Beginners – Part 2 of 7 

Tapping can help you clear emotional issues (guilt, shame, depression, feeling unworthy, etc.), overcome past traumas (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), alleviate physical issues (an emotional component may prevent full healing), eliminate cravings, handle present-day stresses, and free yourself from fears and anxiety.

Tapping has no negative side-effects.  It is painless, safe, easy, and free.

Keep in mind, Tapping does not change what happened.  You are not erasing your memories.  You are not giving up any lessons learned or growth you got from the experience.

What you are doing is freeing yourself from feeling the same emotions over and over again.  You are freeing yourself from an event triggering the same thoughts that are affecting you in a negative way.  You are freeing yourself to live the life you want to live!

FYI:  I am not a doctor, and I make no medical claims.  I can tell you from my experience, Tapping has assisted me in healing emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Next week we’ll learn the 8 Major Tapping Points, and the following week, we’ll learn the steps to set us up for the main process.

#17 Tapping for Beginners – Part 3 of 7  

It’s time to learn the 8 Major Tapping Points.


Inside Eyebrow – This is the point where the eyebrow starts near the nose, aligned above the tear duct. 

Outside Eye – Tap at the edge of your eye socket.  You’ll feel where the bone starts.  This is not the temple.

Under Eye – This point is at the edge of your eye socket under the eye, aligned under the pupil.

Under Nose – Between your nose and your upper lip, tap in the little dip there.  You might want to curl your upper lip down.

On the Chin – Tap just under the lip, right before your chin starts to jut out.  This may be easier to reach if you curl your lower lip up.

Collar Bone – This point is found about 1 inch below the indent between your collar bones, and about 2 inches on either side of center.

Under Arm – You’ll find this spot about 4 inches below your armpit.  For gals, it’s where their bra strap would cover under their arms.  For guys, it’s aligned with their nipples.  Use all four fingers as you tap.

Top of Head – Use all four fingers to tap the tippy top of your head, in about a 3-inch circle.  This way you are sure to get the many points there.  You may also pat the top of your head, making contact in different spots.

These points are for the main process.  I want you to have these so the next two weeks of steps will flow together logically. 

Come back next week when you’ll learn how to set yourself up for Tapping.

#18 Tapping for Beginners – Part 4 of 7 

Now you are ready for a quick overview of the first half of the steps to set you up for the main process.  Let’s get started!


Choose ONE issue you want to work on.  Then recall the earliest memory of when you felt this way.


Assign a number 1-10, 10 being the worst, to get a baseline to assess your progress.  Write it down.


Pick a short Reminder Phrase to keep you focused on your chosen issue.  Ex. This fear


Plug in your Reminder Phrase (above) to the following statement:

“Even though I have (Reminder Phrase), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

The original statement was “Even though I have (Reminder Phrase), I deeply and completely LOVE and accept myself,” but I found many clients couldn’t say they loved themselves.  If that is you, Tapping will really help with your negative feelings.


With the tips of your four fingers of one hand, tap continuously on the side of the palm of the other hand.  As you tap, say the Set-Up Statement out loud three times, or in your head if others are around. 

The Karate Chop point is located on the edge of the palm of the hand where you would make contact with a board if you were karate-chopping it in half. 

Now you have cleared your path for your main Tapping session.  You may feel some relief about your issue already. 

Next week we’ll continue with the final Tapping steps, then follow with some Tapping tips the week after.

#19 Tapping for Beginners – Part 5 of 7 

You are ready to get down to some serious healing and releasing of emotional issues now.  We continue after tapping the Karate Chop point while reciting our Set-Up Statement three times.


At each of the 8 points, tap and say your Reminder Phrase out loud. 


Inside Eyebrow

Outside Eye

Under Eye

Under Nose

On the Chin

Collar Bone

Under Arm

Top of Head

Example:  You tap a few times on your inner eyebrow and say, “This fear.”  You move on to your outer eye and say, “This fear.”  You continue at each point, tapping and reciting, finishing on top of the head.

If you are not feeling relief after one round, go through several rounds of the 8 points until you feel ready to check in and see if you do indeed notice a shift.

Notice what new issues came into your thoughts while tapping, and write them down to work on later.


Take a deep, cleansing breath with the intention as you exhale to release everything that is ready to be cleared out.  Do not skip this step.  You might automatically give a sigh when you have released some stuck energy.


Check in with how you feel about the issue now.  Then give the issue a new number from 0-10.  Notice the improvement.


Keep tapping more rounds until you rate your issue low enough for your comfort, ideally zero.  This is possible. 

If you got no change, you might be being too general.  Work on the earliest specific instance you can remember.  Not every issue is solved right away.  Be persistent and consistent, tapping daily. 

STEP 10 – MOVE ON TO YOUR NEXT ISSUE  When you clear one issue, start over at Step 1 with another issue.  Perhaps you made note of another aspect of an issue while working on it. 

Next week I’ll share some helpful tips so you feel more confident about how to tap your points.

#20 Tapping for Beginners – Part 6 of 7 

It’s time for some Tapping tips! 

·      Use at least two fingers on each point on the face, and all four fingers on the body points.  This is to create more surface area to be certain to hit the points.

·      You can use the tips or the pads of your fingers.  In some spots you might use the flat area of your four fingers, like when you pat the top of your head.

·      Tap around the point 5-7 times to be sure you get the right spot.  Points are not in exactly the same spot for everyone, and they can move over time.  However, this is a very lenient process.  Close is close enough.

·      Tap lightly, but purposefully, as if tapping someone on the shoulder.  Harder is not better.

·      You may tap with either your right or left hand, on either the right or the left side of your body, crossing your body or not.  You can do just one hand at a time or both.  You can even switch hands as you go through the points.  Do what is comfortable and feels right for you. 

·      If you wear eyeglasses, you might find it easier to remove them to get to some of these points.

Next week, we wrap up this series on Tapping.  Please hit “Reply” and let me know if you have any questions.

#21 Tapping for Beginners – Part 7 of 7

Today I wrap up this series on Tapping.  Tapping is not the only way to deal with emotional, mental, and physical issues, but it is one that anyone can do at any time, once it is learned.  I always say the hardest part about Tapping is remembering to use it!

Use Tapping for little issues and big issues.  Remember to tap on a specific issue.  If you are ever in a hurry, skip the Karate Chop point and Set-Up Statement, and tap on each of the 8 main points using the Reminder Phrase “this issue”.  The key is to keep focused on your issue as you tap.  That is why we repeat the Reminder Phrase at every point.

My 22-page ebook entitled Let Go and Be Free with Tapping for Beginners is available upon request.  It contains much more detail. 

If you are having difficulties with an issue that is negatively affecting your life, contact me for a free call, or get other professional help.  Tapping goes deeper than the basics I have taught here, plus I have many other techniques in my toolbox of healing modalities. 

Next week I’ll share my insights on some topics that I feel will be helpful.  Stay tuned!

#22  Healing the Past Series – Part 1 of 7

Are you just treating symptoms?

We all know that to cure something, you must not treat the symptoms, but get at the root cause.  Remove the root and the problem disappears.  So we think we must treat the disease, not the symptoms.  What we don’t realize is that the disease is a symptom.  We don’t realize that our unresolved past traumas which lead to negative thinking are the causes of dis-ease.

#23  Healing the Past Series – Part 2 of 7

What are you thinking about?

Are you thinking happy thoughts?  Or are you focusing on the negative things surrounding you?  Hatred, resentment, anger, fear, guilt, shame, depression – these are the causes of disease.  They are blocks to our body’s natural ability to heal.  We must deal with these emotions and release them.  When we hold on to those feelings, those emotional energies (everything is energy) are trapped and interfere with the natural electrical system of the body.

#24  Healing the Past Series – Part 3 of 7

What do you mean everything is energy?

Everything is made of atoms, right?  And most of an atom is empty space.  Electrons are always quantum jumping (like a hyperlink) between levels.  The slower they jump, the denser the material.  Thus an air molecule with fast-moving electrons, is less dense, and moves freely, while a molecule of sand vibrates so slowly it merges with other molecules, and is almost still – so much so that the material appears solid.

#25  Healing the Past Series – Part 4 of 7

How can I change negative thoughts to positive?

Become the observer of your everyday thoughts.  Do not judge any ill-feeling thought as bad.  It is good because it is the messenger to show you which emotions throughout your body are affecting your health.  Next you can debate your negative thought – what if your thought is not really true?  Consider the opposite (the positive outlook) is the truth.  Remember:  Even the not-so-good stuff is here to help you.

#26  Healing the Past Series – Part 5 of 7

How do I get rid of past negativity I’m holding on to?

First, Tapping is wonderful for this.  You can do this on your own.  Another way is to really let yourself feel the feeling, and as you focus on the feeling say, “I intend to release everything not for my highest good that caused this feeling.”  You may have to repeat it a few times, or you may find that the feeling shifts to a different issue or related issue.  Remember, just as in Tapping, you must focus on the issue to move that stuck energy.  Lastly, you can work with a coach/hypnotherapist/healer like me for those deep traumas that continue to affect your life and are difficult to clear.

#27  Healing the Past Series – Part 6 of 7

What if I can’t forgive someone?

This is a tough answer because my first response is “Great!”  When you look at this anger, betrayal, or hurt you feel, it is not showing you what is wrong with the other person (after all, we observe that they did hurt you).  Contrarily, this situation is showing you where your thinking is messed up.  Whoa, what?  Remember:  Everything is here to help you.

#28  Healing the Past Series – Part 7 of 7

What do you mean – Everything is here to help me?

If we do not have a contrast (negative) to what we like in life, how would we appreciate what we have, or even know what we want?  For my spiritual readers:  If God created everything, you can’t pick and choose, so there inherently is a reason for everything.  How we handle what comes at us in life illustrates where we are in our ascension to godliness.  Are we reacting with love, compassion, and understanding? Or with hatred, fear, and confusion?

#29  Self-Reflection Questions for a Happier Life #1

What can I be thankful for today?

Am I taking time to show gratitude and appreciation?  Am I telling those around me that I am glad they are in my life?

#30 Self-Reflection Questions for a Happier Life #2

What can I learn from this situation?

Continue to learn and grow from everyday experiences.  They are here to prepare us for the big ordeals.

#31 Self-Reflection Questions for a Happier Life #3

Am I releasing what no longer serves me?

Why would I want to hold on to outmoded beliefs and ways of being?  As we grow, we can change how we respond to the world around us.  Adaptability is a key to happiness.

#32 Self-Reflection Questions for a Happier Life #4

Am I treating myself like I would my best friend?

We humans have been taught to put others first and that has led to detrimental health effects.  When you take care of yourself more, you have more to give.  Don’t neglect yourself.  You are your best friend.

#33 Self-Reflection Questions for a Happier Life #5

Am I doing my best?

Society likes to “should” on people.  “You should do this.  You should not do that.”  When you let go of others’ expectations and live your life guided by your own inner longings, you will realize that you have nothing to prove and can follow your heart.

#34 Self-Reflection Questions for a Happier Life #6

Am I contributing to society?

We all have a desire to help others.  When we don’t for whatever reason, it leaves a hole in our well-being.  In order to be whole, we must find a way to give to others in some way – donate time, money, items, or even give loving thoughts and smiles.  But you must feel you are doing something to help humanity. 

#35 Self-Reflection Questions for a Happier Life #7

Do I feel significant in at least one area of life?

Search for a place of acceptance and belonging but do not be attached to where that comes from. Perhaps you feel significant in your family life, but not at work. Focus on where you feel good, and slowly the other areas will catch up.

#36 Increasing Intuition Series – Part 1 of 7

In today’s world, how do we know who we can trust?  What is the truth?  Is what we see what we think it is?  How do we choose our best next move? 

This is where intuition can guide us through the vast uncertainty that surrounds us.  Everyone is born with intuition, but many of us have received negative reinforcement when expressing our hunches.  Thus we have learned to disregard our intuition in favor of socially accepted behavior. 

For example, we ignore our gut when we feel uncomfortable with someone because it is inexplicable, only to have the future prove that this person was untrustworthy and to be avoided.

Thankfully we can develop a strong intuition that provides us a path to discern character, overcome obstacles, and circumvent pitfalls in life.

This 7-part series starts with a quick explanation of the “clairs”:

  • Clairvoyance – Ability to view images in our minds

See colors, numbers, shapes, objects, still pictures, or even clips of a moving scene.

  • Clairaudience – Ability to hear a message audibly or inside our minds

Hear a name, song, or word pop in your mind; Sense another’s thoughts.

  • Clairsentience – Ability to feel another’s emotions or physical sensations

Sense the vibe of a person or place as safe or not; Get goose bumps when a good idea is heard.

  • Claircognizance – Ability to “just know” information spontaneously

Spout facts or figures without study; Ideas just pop in your head.

  • Clairgustance – Ability to taste something without touching the tongue

Taste a dish on the menu before ordering; Detect a chemical or blood at a crime scene to inform detectives.

  • Clairalience/Clairolfaction – Ability to smell odors that are not present

Notice a familiar smell of cigar, perfume, or cooking in the room, reminding you of a loved one.

Remember that not everyone has all of these abilities, but everyone has at least one that is strongest and ready to develop and enhance our lives. 

Tune in next week to learn the first thing to consider when developing our intuitive abilities.

#37 Increasing Intuition Series – Part 2 of 7

The first thing to consider when developing our intuitive abilities is our vessel.  The body and mind are receivers and our connection to inner knowing.  If messages must go through a filter of old beliefs, past traumas, and unhealthy habits, any messages become unclear, or not perceived at all.  As your body-temple becomes more and more clean, you are more and more able to connect with your intuitive guidance.

If I did not share the following important health information that relates to your intuitive connection, I feel I would be doing you all a huge dis-service.  Pick one suggestion below that you are currently not doing and are willing to start.  Make that change until you are ready for another.  These healthier habits will lead to a less-stressful and more in-tuned life.

Avoid These Hazards to Your Health and Intuition:

  • Negativity and Fear
    • Turn off the TV.  Limit listening to repetitive news cycles. 
    • Limit or eliminate people in your life that drain you.
  • Emotional Baggage
    • Release grudges, disappointments, and unforgiveness.
    • Let go of self-limiting beliefs and feelings of unworthiness, not good enough, etc.
    • If you get triggered, you have baggage.
  • Aluminum and Fragrances
    • Hair and skin products, deodorants, perfumes, laundry and dishwasher detergents
    • FDA approval not needed for these products.  Choose Fragrance-Free options.
  • Fluoride in water and toothpaste
    • Fluoride is an industrial waste-product.
    • Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland, also known as The Third Eye. 
  • “Franken-Foods”
    • Avoid oils such as soybean, peanut, canola, shortening, margarine
    • Avoid artificial colors, preservatives, natural flavorings
    • Avoid GMO, MSG, Aspartame
    • Avoid foods with ingredients you do not recognize or could not purchase separately.

Increase These Healthy Habits:

  • Eat healthy foods more often than not:  Raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, honey, almond flour, coconut oil, olive oil, butter
  • Get plenty of sleep and exercise to boost your immune system.
  • Spend time outdoors in nature getting sunshine, with your bare feet on the ground.
  • Choose to be happy and look for the bright side (the lesson) of each unwanted situation.
  • Don’t take personally the actions of others.  Let things go.
  • Express gratitude for what you have already.

These are just a few pointers to open you up to your intuition.  When you get rid of the interference in your body’s communication within itself, you open yourself up to communication with your inner intuition.

Next week we will continue with steps we can take to enhance our intuitive abilities.

#38 Increasing Intuition Series – Part 3 of 7

The next step to increasing intuition is to observe and make notes.

OBSERVE YOURSELF so you know when you sense a change.

  • Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.  What are your first impressions? 
  • Feel where in the body you have a reaction?  What does it mean to you?
  • Monitor your thoughts and ideas.  Where do they come from?
  • When you ask yourself a question, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

OBSERVE OTHERS to get a feel for them.

  • Notice other people’s body language and tones of voice.
  • How do you feel around others, or immediately afterward?  Uplifted or Depleted?

OBSERVE NATURE to receive guidance.

  • Bees flit from flower to flower – maybe it’s time you find something new.
  • Ants diligently carry their loads home – maybe it’s time you take what you need.
  • Rivers flow, the clouds drift on by – maybe it’s time you move on.


  • Carry a notebook to capture any flashes of inspiration or intuition
  • Follow through with inspired actions.
  • Look for patterns.
  • Reflect on what your dreams are telling you through their metaphors.
  • Write down results and look back with hindsight to confirm your correct intuitions.

It’s valuable to write down and follow up with your intuitive moments because not only does it grow confidence, but it starts building your intuitive muscle. 

Next week I will share some ways to get “in the mood” for intuitive flow.

#39 Increasing Intuition Series – Part 4 of 7

There are times in life when we are more open to intuition so that we can notice our thoughts and ideas that flow to us.  When you engage in these activities, your chattering mind can quiet down as you do the mundane, repetitive task which does not take any critical thinking.  The result is the subconscious mind is open to receive.

Non-Brain-Taxing Activities conducive to receiving inspiration:

  • Walking, Running, Swimming Laps
  • Bathing, Showering
  • Meditation, Yoga, Daydreaming
  • Cooking, Housework
  • Mowing, Yardwork
  • Fishing, Hunting
  • Art, Music, Dance
  • Driving a car
  • Sitting in Nature

As you perform one of these activities, let go of your to-do lists, quiet your mind, and listen.  Trust that you will get the guidance you need for that moment.  Be thankful and follow through.

Next week I will list several fun exercises to practice and increase your natural intuitive abilities.

#40 Increasing Intuition Series – Part 5 of 7

The best way to increase intuition is to PRACTICE.  Below are many suggestions from which to choose that you can do on your own.  Keep in mind that everyone’s starting abilities are different, and everyone progresses at the perfect rate for them, so refrain from making comparisons between yourself and others.


  • Will the coin flip be Heads or Tails?
  • Will the next playing card be Red or Black?
  • Who just called or sent a text?
  • How will the book or movie end?


  • Visit with a houseplant or tree, pretending to discuss its needs and likes.
  • Dialogue with animals, like you understand each other, using pictures in your mind.
  • Ask for advice from a mentor or loved one, real or imaginary, past or present, live or dead, as if you can get answers.  Take time to listen for the answers.
  • Talk with God and Divine beings, imagining a complete conversation.


  • When you feel comfortable with your emerging abilities, consider joining an online group that practices psychic development with each other. 
  • There are many on Meet-Up all over the country, so check out several and find one that feels comfortable to you.

Next week I will teach you about your intuitive “lie detector”.  This could be a game-changer for your whole life.  No kidding.

#41 Increasing Intuition Series – Part 6 of 7

Did you know that your body is your personal lie detector?  In fact, your body cannot lie.  Using the science of kinesiology (which includes muscle testing), your body can pick up on truth or falsehoods that you encounter, and communicate that to you.  Not only that, but your body can answer yes/no questions.  For example:

  • Let’s say you are buying a used car – Is the seller telling you the truth? 
  • The foods you like – Are they good for your health?  Does your body want them?
  • I need Vitamin C – Is this supplement the best for my body right now? Or the other?

There are many ways to get responses from your body.   I will only discuss three.  In each method, you must first determine your “yes” and “no”.

  1. BODY FEELING TEST – Where do you feel Yes and No within your body?

Close your eyes and say out loud, “Yes, yes, yes.”  Note where you feel it in your body.  With your eyes still closed, say, “No, no, no.”  Where do you feel that?  Go back and forth between yes and no to feel where each vibrates or gets your attention.  One person may feel a “yes” in the belly, and a “no” in the chest, while another may find the opposite.  Your system is personal to you and could be anywhere in the body.  The feeling may be hot, cold, tingly, or something unique to you.

  • SWAY TEST – Which way does your body lean?

Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, eyes closed. Say out loud, “Yes, yes, yes.” Note if you sway forward or backwards. With you eyes still closed, say, “No, no, no.” You should sway the opposite direction.  You may substitute “yes/no” with words like “love/hate” or “peace/war”.

  • RING-IN-RING TEST – Do your fingers remain strong, or go weak?

Start by making a circle with your pointer finger and thumb on one hand, then do the same with the other hand around the first, so that they are linked like a chain.  Say out loud, “Yes, yes, yes.”  Holding your fingers semi-tight, immediately attempt to gently pull apart the rings made by your fingers.  Your fingers should remain strong and linked.  Now say, “No, no, no,”  and attempt to pull apart again as you hold with semi-tight links.  Your fingers should weaken and pull apart.  This method is sort of an art-form and takes some finesse and practice on the amount of tension needed to hold the rings and how hard to try to pull them apart.  To practice, I like to repeatedly say my name, “I am Kim,” for a Yes answer, and “I am Bob,” to practice a No.

There are many videos on YouTube that illustrate different ways to muscle test.  Find a method that you like.

Now that you are able to find your own answers, the next time you have a personal question:

  • Stop what you are doing.  Pull your attention inward. Forget everything around you.
  • Form your yes-or-no question out loud or in your head.  Note that your questions will be taken literally, so take care to ask what you really mean.
  • Notice your body’s response.
  • IMPORTANT – Sometimes you are not able to be given an answer (perhaps it’s not for you to know, or it’s none of your business).  In that case, you will get a “No” answer.  To be sure, ask if you can know this answer.

Learning how to muscle test will definitely benefit your life.  Practice until it comes naturally.  I am happy to help you develop your skills or to direct you to other methods of muscle testing.  Just ask!

Next week I will wrap up this series.  If you have any questions so far, please reply to this email.

#42 Increasing Intuition Series – Part 7 of 7

We have covered a lot in the past several weeks:

  • the intuitive abilities that are possible
  • ways to clear your intuitive vessel
  • tips on observing what we didn’t notice before
  • becoming aware of natural moments to tap in
  • ways to practice and strengthen our intuition
  • muscle testing methods for answers to yes/no questions

Expect to connect, and trust that you are.  You just may not be tuned-in yet.  Practice, practice, practice.  Take your time and have patience.  Intuition is like a skill – it takes some fine-tuning to connect, but everyone can do it. 

Here’s the biggest tip to increasing your intuition:  Be happy!  Keep a high vibration.  When you are down-in-the-dumps, you aren’t at a high enough energetic level to use your abilities.  Do something that raises your vibration and lifts you up.  Sing, dance, or whatever you love to do.

I am here to lift you up, encourage you, answer questions, offer guidance, remove blocks, and serve you however I can.  Let me know if you would like to chat.

#43  Finding Joy Series – Part 1 of 7

Be who you want to be.  Stop trying to make others be who you want them to be.  You are an individual with individual likes and dislikes.  Go for what you want to do.  Don’t let anyone hold you back.  Search out your dream and you will find it.

#44  Finding Joy Series – Part 2 of 7

Make time for joy.  Put it on your calendar.  We make time for other priorities.  Make joy a priority.  You are worth it.

#45 Finding Joy Series – Part 3 of 7

Find others who exude the joy you want to see in yourself.  Ignore the negative.  Focus on the positive.  Watch and learn.  Listen to how they think, talk, and question things.  They are your role models to get yourself where you want to be.

#46  Finding Joy Series – Part 4 of 7

Rise above your disappointments.  Find the lesson in everything.  There are no wasteful experiences, there is no lost time, unless you let them be for naught.  If you cannot see the bright side, ask for assistance.  Another perspective is perhaps all you need.

#47  Finding Joy Series – Part 5 of 7

Live each moment in gratitude.  Be grateful for the shoes on your feet, the green grass around you, the sky that is the backdrop to our world.  Be thankful for the children and their innocence.  Notice the wisdom in nature.  Marvel at your body and its ability to function and heal.  Be appreciative of everything here for you.

#48  Finding Joy Series – Part 6 of 7

Talk to yourself.  Find what you love to do, what you love to feel.  Question if what you are doing now is right for you.  Make changes to fit your vision for your life.  Maybe you don’t know what you like.  What did you love as a kid?  What would you do if you had a month or year of free time?  How can you bring a little of that into your daily life?

#49  Finding Joy Series – Part 7 of 7

You found what you love to do, now DO what you love to do.  The time is now.  Waiting is to your detriment.  There are 168 hours in a week.  Eight hours a night for sleep takes up 56 hours, and even if you work 40 hours a week in a job you don’t love, you still have 72 hours a week to do what you love.  Yes, you do have time.  And you can love doing the daily chores, nurturing others, and going to work with the right mindset.  If you are not loving what you are doing, let me know because I’m here to chat and maybe offer a perspective that will help you.  This is not a sales call.

As I finish writing this inspired message for you all, I want to emphasize that you all are amazing people meant to experience amazing things.  You are on a personal journey of development.  As long as you don’t stop growing, you will flourish.

#50 Hypnosis Series #1

What Is the Subconscious Mind?

Considered separate from your conscious mind, your subconscious mind (sometimes called the unconscious mind) is the part of you that works in the background, paying attention to what you think and do repeatedly.  It creates habits of thinking and behavior by interpreting your beliefs and actions as instructions as to what you want it to do.  This is great when tying your shoe or driving your car.  You can perform these tasks automatically while talking or thinking about other things.  

This is not helpful when your subconscious wants to hold onto habits like overeating, comfort eating, or boredom eating that keep excess weight on your body.  Those eating habits no longer serve you, if they ever really did.

Most people have tried dozens of ways to get healthy and release extra weight only to be disappointed.  Now we have a proven way to evict the old habits that keep you stuck, and replace them with a new way that works.  Not a diet.  Not a gimmick.  Just a new lifestyle that suits you. 

#51 Hypnosis Series #2

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Change?

Hypnosis quiets your conscious mind to allow access to your subconscious mind.  It allows us to change old habits at the level that they were created – in the habit-forming subconscious part of our minds. 

Logical thinking and will-power are rarely effective, as anyone who has dieted can tell you.  No matter what, the subconscious faithfully follows your outdated programs, guiding all your future actions.  This is why you may have found it extremely hard to change your habits at a conscious level.  However, hypnosis allows us a direct line of communication to instruct the subconscious what to let go of and what we want it to do instead.

Most people have tried dozens of ways to get healthy and release extra weight only to be disappointed.  Now we have a proven way to evict the old habits that keep you stuck, and replace them with a new way that works.  Not a diet.  Not a gimmick.  Just a new lifestyle that suits you. 

#52 Hypnosis Series #3

Can I Be Hypnotized?

Yes.  Everyone can at some level.  Thankfully a deep level of hypnosis is not required to make changes at a subconscious level.  As a matter of fact, you probably have hypnotized yourself. 

Have you ever driven past your off-ramp on the interstate because you were off in a different world?  We often hypnotize ourselves while driving.  We let the subconscious take over while we think about other things, such as what we will make for dinner. 

Have you ever been watching TV and tuned out everything else around you?  Someone may have repeatedly called your name and you didn’t notice.

Have you ever cried while watching a movie, feeling the emotions portrayed by actors in a made-up story?

If so, you were in a focused state of concentration we call the hypnotic state.

Meditation and daydreaming are also forms of the hypnotic state, as well as the brief moment between wakefulness and falling asleep, and then again from sleep to waking.  We normally go into self-hypnosis without realizing it.

This means you can be hypnotized and make changes that enhance your life, including freeing yourself of excess weight.

Most people have tried dozens of ways to get healthy and release extra weight only to be disappointed.  Now we have a proven way to evict the old habits that keep you stuck, and replace them with a new way that works.  Not a diet.  Not a gimmick.  Just a new lifestyle that suits you. 

#53 Hypnosis Series #4

What Can Hypnosis Help Me Change?

Hypnosis helps you change habits of thinking and behavior, including smoking and procrastination.  It eliminates fears and phobias – from flying in an airplane, to spiders, to speaking in public.  It draws upon the resources you already have within you, coupled with great suggestions, to improve your performance in sports, or to help you focus and concentrate.  It can even be used to connect the mind and body to call upon your natural healing abilities.

I have used hypnosis for all of the above, but the most noticeable change came when I used it to shed the extra pounds and watched them automatically drop off of me.  Hypnosis was the key to easily and enjoyably changing my eating habits, reprogramming my weight set-point, and kick-starting my metabolism.  When the subconscious is on-board with your weight goals, changes come easily and rapidly.

Most people have tried dozens of ways to get healthy and release extra weight only to be disappointed.  Now we have a proven way to evict the old habits that keep you stuck, and replace them with a new way that works.  Not a diet.  Not a gimmick.  Just a new lifestyle that suits you. 

#54 Hypnosis Series #5

Types of Hypnosis

For creating change, there are three types of hypnosis that I find most useful that will-power alone has not been able to accomplish:

1.     Regression – The hypnotist takes you back to scenes that are the root causes of your issue and finds a common link.  The source of the issue is then healed, and then the old beliefs and ways of behaving are replaced with positive suggestions.

2.    Content-Free – The hypnotist guides you through visualizations that assist you in letting go of your issue and creating a new way of being.  One advantage of this type is that it does not require the client to divulge any personal past experiences.  Healing is easy and automatic.

3.    Parts Negotiation – The hypnotist speaks to the subconscious mind which indeed communicates, so both the hypnotist and the client understand that a deep change is taking place.  This method also does not require the clients to reveal their personal history.  It is my preferred method because it gets the subconscious mind on-board with your goal, and then enlists it to find other ways of meeting whatever need it thought it was fulfilling, while still reaching your goal.

Of the three types of hypnosis, I have found Parts Negotiation to be the most effective one to melt away the extra pounds quickly, safely, easily, and automatically, while still enjoying eating.

Most people have tried dozens of ways to get healthy and release extra weight only to be disappointed.  Now we have a proven way to evict the old habits that keep you stuck, and replace them with a new way that works.  Not a diet.  Not a gimmick.  Just a new lifestyle that suits you. 

#55 Hypnosis Series #6

Hypnosis Myths

There are many myths surrounding hypnosis.  Here are four popular ones.

Myth #1  Hypnosis will make me do things that I do not want to do. 

This stems from Hollywood fiction and/or our observance of stage hypnosis where the hypnotist begins with many potential subjects, hypnotizes them, and tests them for their level of suggestibility.  Only the most suggestible are left on stage to perform silly acts.  Note that the participants actually volunteered and are willing to accept these silly suggestions.  Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for self-improvement, not just entertainment.  A hypnotist can genuinely help you with a variety of issues.

Myth #2  The hypnotist will be able to control me.

No one can control your mind unless you let them.  A hypnotist will take time to get to know your situation and what outcome you want.  Based on your answers, you will be given suggestions to get you to your goal.  If at any time you hear a suggestion you don’t understand or agree with, your subconscious mind simply passes over it and continues to absorb the other suggestions.

Myth #3  I will get stuck in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not sleep, though you can still fall asleep and get the complete benefits.  Your subconscious mind is always listening to keep you safe.  In the event of an emergency, you would immediately open your eyes and seek safety.

Myth #4  Hypnosis is evil.

Only evil people would use hypnosis for evil.  It’s the same with a gun, a car, or a baseball bat.  Hypnosis can be used effectively to get great results.

If you are considering hypnosis, it is a safe, reliable way to make changes at the deep level in which the undesirable behavior was created.

Most people have tried dozens of ways to get healthy and release extra weight only to be disappointed.  Now we have a proven way to evict the old habits that keep you stuck, and replace them with a new way that works.  Not a diet.  Not a gimmick.  Just a new lifestyle that suits you. 

#56 Hypnosis Series #7

Hypnosis Conclusion

The subconscious mind creates our habits by literally listening to the words we say and the pictures we make in our heads.  We can easily create habits that keep us stuck in a rut, unable to get out with mere will-power.  Hypnosis is an effective tool that can be used to make changes at the subconscious level where we created the unwanted habits.

I have used hypnosis myself to eliminate my fear of judgment that kept me playing small.  I have used it to overcome blocks to receiving abundance, including relationships and money.  I have used it to drop the excess weight easily, enjoyable, and naturally.  I want to help you do the same. 

In addition to controlling eating habits, I help people overcome procrastination, unnecessary fears, and unwanted habits such as smoking.  I also help people perform at their peak. 

Most people have tried dozens of ways to get healthy and release extra weight only to be disappointed.  Now we have a proven way to evict the old habits that keep you stuck, and replace them with a new way that works.  Not a diet.  Not a gimmick.  Just a new lifestyle that suits you.